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Immigration Medicals: Best of medicals facility at heathrowmedical

The proud medical team

HEATHROW MEDICAL SERVICES – immigration medicals are a requirement before living in other countries. There are countries that require this test to ensure that migrants are fit and healthy. In the blog today, we will talk of the Immigration Medical Examination and the requirements. We would highlight the need of the examination and how Heathrow Medical Services can assist you with this. The blog is informative and will provide full details of the process.

What does the medical examination include?

As Authorised Panel Doctors for the New Zealand Immigration Authority, we provide a full medical pre-immigration service. Chest x-ray examinations are undertaken at the nearby Ashford Hospital, Middlesex. The purpose of the screening immigration medical is to ensure that you are fit and healthy and that you are not bringing infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis or HIV into New Zealand. Therefore everyone who plans to emigrate to New Zealand needs to have a medical examination carried out by an authorised Panel Doctor.

Limited Medical – general medical examination including urine analysis, height, weight, blood pressure and blood tests

Permanent Adult (Age 15 and upwards) – all the above, plus additional compulsory blood tests

Doctor, Nurse or Dentist – all the above, plus further blood tests

Child (under 15 years) – general medical examination including urinalysis, height, weight, blood pressure (if applicable) and x-ray if over 11 years old

Considerations while selecting the doctor:

An authorised panel doctor must be selected for the purpose of immigration medicals.

Reasons to trust Heathrow Medical Services:

There are many medical facilities that help in immigration medicals. If you are looking for a specialised organisation that provides excellent efficient services then you can trust Heathrow Medical Services.

You can get in touch with the medical facility by contacting them through the Website.

 Permanent Adult – General Medical (Age 15 and upwards): £285+VAT
 Limited Medical £195.00 + VAT
 Child (6-14 years): £95+VAT
 Child (5 years and under): £85+VAT