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HEATHROW MEDICAL – Dr Samir Alvi is authorised at the Heathrow Medical Services to perform all classes of medicals as an aviation medical examiner (AME) to both the CAA and FAA- Non UK EASA license holders may undertake their examinations in the UK if they wish. In each of the cases the paperwork is sent to the respective SOLI and the medical certificate is still issued at the time of the examination. With the harmonisation created by EASA the format of examination should now be identical across member states. Both EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals have their own criteria.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals validities are in EASA class 1, the multi-crew pilots have 12 month validity up to age 40 and 6 monthly for those aged 40 and over. Whereas in EASA class 2 Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals– specific medical conditions – Under EASA it is now possible for pilots with the following medical conditions to hold an OML (restricted) Class 1 licence such as diabetes, depression, anticoagulant medication. Same with EASA class 2.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals- Decrease in Medical Fitness- the EASA Class 1 require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience any decrease in their level of medical fitness, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence. The EASA class 2 require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact of flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals are necessary for operational and safety critical roles in the European aviation industry, to help keep you and the public safe.

Travel health clinic at HMS

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

HEATHROE MEDICAL – Heathrow Medical Services has been an established business since 2007 and pride ourselves in the specialty of occupational health medicine which includes the vaccinations of pilots, cabin crew and various contractors employed at London Heathrow. These are personnel of whom we have determined post risk assessment that require particular vaccinations related to their job roles. We presently continue to offer this facility to them.

The travel clinic at Heathrow Medical Services has been in business since 2014 and we specialise in the field of travel health medicine.

The ethos of the Travel Health Clinic at Heathrow Medical Services is to safeguard all travellers when going abroad for either business or personal travel.

We see all types of travellers, for example families, couples and business travellers, who embark on visiting various destinations throughout the world.

The travel health clinic at Heathrow Medical Services offers a personalised travel consultation given by an expert travel nurse consultant. There are potential health risks to all travellers, hence the importance of the provision of expert travel advice, of which our travel health nurse consultant can offer at the time of your consultation. This process will involve discussing your medical history, any medication taken, any allergies and importantly, any previous vaccination history.

Heathrow Medical Services aims to offer the best protection against diseases through vaccinations, to give the latest up to date travel advice for your particular destinations, to give appropriate recommendations regarding malaria prevention as well as other travel medications suggested by our travel health nurse consultant. Dependant on the vaccinations required, you may require multiple visits to the travel clinic in order to complete your particular vaccination course.

The ideal time to seek travel health advice is a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to travel. This time allows for your vaccinations to offer you the optimum protection prior to your departure.

This will ensure a safe and happy holiday or business trip to all of our travellers.

Heathrowmedical- Helping travellers along Heathrow airport medical centre


HEATHROW MEDICAL – If we have to look at medical facilities then we can find it to be important in every section of life, even while we are travelling from one place to another. The good thing about getting in touch with Heathrow Medical Services is that the professionals are providing both occupational as well as other specialist health services for one and all. They have provided the medical facility at Heathrow airport medical centre. With the centre they are aiming to set up a facility that will help all those who work at airports and who use the facility for travelling. Emergencies do not come by saying and the Heathrow airport medical centre takes into consideration these emergencies and handles them efficiently. More and more individuals are turning to Heathrow for other medical services as well. This is because they are the giver of the best in market facilities.

Learning about Occupational Health services:

The occupational health and safety is the field that is multidisciplinary and which touches on the issues related to the fields of medicine, law, technology, aviation and its auxiliary services. The field of aviation going against the common belief has variety of concerns and interests. These concerns are the same as manufacturing or mining. Basically, the rules guiding the field of aviation mentions that work must be done in safe as well as healthy environment, the conditions of work must be consistent to the dignity as well as the well-being of the humans, the work must offer scope of personal achievement and the work done by the aviation personnel should offer service to society and the self-fulfillment as well. When these rules are looked at then we find health services a need for the professionals. It helps the professionals perform work more optimally using best of facilities.

Things to consider while choosing medical services:

Heathrow airport medical centre is the centre that gives best of medical facilities to one and all. However when you are choosing a service you must be sure of the facility, the cost and the need of the service as well.

Heathrow medical services are the hub of varied medical services. One can get in touch with them for getting wide range of services that would benefit one and all.

Why It Pays to Invest In Occupational Health Services in Small Business


HeathRowMedical – Occupational Health Services are now gaining business skills such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), which can be used to sell OH services or gain funding for changes or expansion. The main goal of most companies is to increase profits, then it would be logical to say the best way to encourage companies to utilize Occupational Health services to their fullest, is to make it financially attractive. Companies are affected by increased cost including employers’ liability insurance premiums, sick absence and claims on pension funds for early retirement due to ill-health. The occupational health departments will increasingly be measured in the same way as any other department within the organisation and will have to demonstrate the quality of the service it provides.

With regards to sickness absence management, I would like to give example of how appropriate return to work strategy can save companies substantial costs, whilst increasing a good company reputation. Looking at monthly sickness rates over a variety of industries, it became apparent that there are vast variations. Results suggested from 2% to over 10% giving an average of 6%. So to use occupational health services to reduce sickness absence by a percentage or two can be very cost affective.

Direct costs are not easily quantifiable as they relate to many factors including out-goings for sick pay and the overheads associated with organising temporary cover and overtime payments to name a few. These expenses are just the tip of the iceberg as they do not take into account management time in arranging this cover nor the effect of reduced productivity. These indirect costs are likely to be higher than the direct outlay. Occupational Health Services have a lot to offer employers, and Occupational Health Advisors can have a vital important role here. Although management own the problem, Occupational Health practitioners have an appreciation of the many factors underpinning both work and non-work-related ill-health. To be most effective, the Occupational Health Advisor should be proactive and have positive influence in resolving an individual’s ill-health in relation to work.