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HEATHROW MEDICAL – Dr Samir Alvi is authorised at the Heathrow Medical Services to perform all classes of medicals as an aviation medical examiner (AME) to both the CAA and FAA- Non UK EASA license holders may undertake their examinations in the UK if they wish. In each of the cases the paperwork is sent to the respective SOLI and the medical certificate is still issued at the time of the examination. With the harmonisation created by EASA the format of examination should now be identical across member states. Both EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals have their own criteria.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals validities are in EASA class 1, the multi-crew pilots have 12 month validity up to age 40 and 6 monthly for those aged 40 and over. Whereas in EASA class 2 Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals– specific medical conditions – Under EASA it is now possible for pilots with the following medical conditions to hold an OML (restricted) Class 1 licence such as diabetes, depression, anticoagulant medication. Same with EASA class 2.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals- Decrease in Medical Fitness- the EASA Class 1 require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience any decrease in their level of medical fitness, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence. The EASA class 2 require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact of flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.

EASA Class 1and Class 2 Pilot Licence medicals are necessary for operational and safety critical roles in the European aviation industry, to help keep you and the public safe.

Travel health clinic at HMS

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

HEATHROE MEDICAL – Heathrow Medical Services has been an established business since 2007 and pride ourselves in the specialty of occupational health medicine which includes the vaccinations of pilots, cabin crew and various contractors employed at London Heathrow. These are personnel of whom we have determined post risk assessment that require particular vaccinations related to their job roles. We presently continue to offer this facility to them.

The travel clinic at Heathrow Medical Services has been in business since 2014 and we specialise in the field of travel health medicine.

The ethos of the Travel Health Clinic at Heathrow Medical Services is to safeguard all travellers when going abroad for either business or personal travel.

We see all types of travellers, for example families, couples and business travellers, who embark on visiting various destinations throughout the world.

The travel health clinic at Heathrow Medical Services offers a personalised travel consultation given by an expert travel nurse consultant. There are potential health risks to all travellers, hence the importance of the provision of expert travel advice, of which our travel health nurse consultant can offer at the time of your consultation. This process will involve discussing your medical history, any medication taken, any allergies and importantly, any previous vaccination history.

Heathrow Medical Services aims to offer the best protection against diseases through vaccinations, to give the latest up to date travel advice for your particular destinations, to give appropriate recommendations regarding malaria prevention as well as other travel medications suggested by our travel health nurse consultant. Dependant on the vaccinations required, you may require multiple visits to the travel clinic in order to complete your particular vaccination course.

The ideal time to seek travel health advice is a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to travel. This time allows for your vaccinations to offer you the optimum protection prior to your departure.

This will ensure a safe and happy holiday or business trip to all of our travellers.

Heathrowmedical- Helping travellers along Heathrow airport medical centre


HEATHROW MEDICAL – If we have to look at medical facilities then we can find it to be important in every section of life, even while we are travelling from one place to another. The good thing about getting in touch with Heathrow Medical Services is that the professionals are providing both occupational as well as other specialist health services for one and all. They have provided the medical facility at Heathrow airport medical centre. With the centre they are aiming to set up a facility that will help all those who work at airports and who use the facility for travelling. Emergencies do not come by saying and the Heathrow airport medical centre takes into consideration these emergencies and handles them efficiently. More and more individuals are turning to Heathrow for other medical services as well. This is because they are the giver of the best in market facilities.

Learning about Occupational Health services:

The occupational health and safety is the field that is multidisciplinary and which touches on the issues related to the fields of medicine, law, technology, aviation and its auxiliary services. The field of aviation going against the common belief has variety of concerns and interests. These concerns are the same as manufacturing or mining. Basically, the rules guiding the field of aviation mentions that work must be done in safe as well as healthy environment, the conditions of work must be consistent to the dignity as well as the well-being of the humans, the work must offer scope of personal achievement and the work done by the aviation personnel should offer service to society and the self-fulfillment as well. When these rules are looked at then we find health services a need for the professionals. It helps the professionals perform work more optimally using best of facilities.

Things to consider while choosing medical services:

Heathrow airport medical centre is the centre that gives best of medical facilities to one and all. However when you are choosing a service you must be sure of the facility, the cost and the need of the service as well.

Heathrow medical services are the hub of varied medical services. One can get in touch with them for getting wide range of services that would benefit one and all.

Why It Pays to Invest In Occupational Health Services in Small Business


HeathRowMedical – Occupational Health Services are now gaining business skills such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), which can be used to sell OH services or gain funding for changes or expansion. The main goal of most companies is to increase profits, then it would be logical to say the best way to encourage companies to utilize Occupational Health services to their fullest, is to make it financially attractive. Companies are affected by increased cost including employers’ liability insurance premiums, sick absence and claims on pension funds for early retirement due to ill-health. The occupational health departments will increasingly be measured in the same way as any other department within the organisation and will have to demonstrate the quality of the service it provides.

With regards to sickness absence management, I would like to give example of how appropriate return to work strategy can save companies substantial costs, whilst increasing a good company reputation. Looking at monthly sickness rates over a variety of industries, it became apparent that there are vast variations. Results suggested from 2% to over 10% giving an average of 6%. So to use occupational health services to reduce sickness absence by a percentage or two can be very cost affective.

Direct costs are not easily quantifiable as they relate to many factors including out-goings for sick pay and the overheads associated with organising temporary cover and overtime payments to name a few. These expenses are just the tip of the iceberg as they do not take into account management time in arranging this cover nor the effect of reduced productivity. These indirect costs are likely to be higher than the direct outlay. Occupational Health Services have a lot to offer employers, and Occupational Health Advisors can have a vital important role here. Although management own the problem, Occupational Health practitioners have an appreciation of the many factors underpinning both work and non-work-related ill-health. To be most effective, the Occupational Health Advisor should be proactive and have positive influence in resolving an individual’s ill-health in relation to work.

Improve Your Business Performance by Using Occupational Health Service during the Credit Crunch


HEATHROW MEDICAL – If you are a small business or a larger conglomerate; private or public sector, Occupational Health Services can help. A little investment can go a long way.

Occupational Health Services usually includes the following:

Pre-Employment Screening to ensure that potential employees are suitable for the role.

Regular Health Screening to make sure that you maintain the optimum workforce but gives added business benefits. It gives you the ability to promote this fact to existing customers and also you can provide a solid foundation based on fact to secure new customers. Why would a new customer go to a competitor when they can be assured that the new supplier has a very happy, healthy and productive team of workers?

Provision of regular monitoring and reporting as you would expect from a professional company of specialists.

A reputable provider will minimise the impact of stress, and demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure a healthy working environment.

A well-designed occupational health service will protect against litigation. E.g. workers exposed to chemicals, noise or other pollutants require regular screening.

Professional service providers will deliver value for money through using technology. Whilst being of a size and scale to be able to provide face-to-face services, you will get a better return from a company who has utilised technology such as video and telephone conferencing facilities.

If you are a national company you should ensure that the specialist Occupational Health Company has specialists on hand around the UK rather than being confined to a specific geographical region. There are a large number of diverse occupational health services available to help you, for example in the form of consultancies, trainers or providers of Occupational health services. The easiest way to access these resources is through an online Occupational Health Services Directory. The OHS Directory is the first “comprehensively available source of information that is easily accessible to employers, human resources and occupational healthcare professionals who work in the field of employee health.” It provides a gateway to these and many more services, and thus provides a valuable facility for the business community.

Aviation Occupational Health Services


HeathrowMedical – In this modern world, everything so advance and groomed. It has been seen that in the past few decades, many new safety rules and regulations have been introduced and implemented. One of them is called aviation occupational health services. Now most of the people doesn’t known what it is actually. As we all know this saying that by travelling through air is the safest mode of travelling. So to make sure that is safe aviation department needs to take care of many problems that might occur. That is why aviation occupational health services has been introduced.

This service has helped many aviation companies both private and public. A well-designed program curriculum on compliance and systems of information regarding Aviation Occupational health services and safety training courses in Dubai would apprise the students about the job profile. Being in compliance is the responsibility of the workers and the company together for the protection and safety of everyone who comes in contact with the property and materials housed in that company’s working areas.

Those who are working as health and safety professionals in Emirate of Abu Dhabi must obtain this certification. People are not allowed to work in the health and safety area without this certificate. Objective of the course is to make the person responsible for health systems management and safety management in the entire organization. Care and attention has been paid by the authorized management system to make available this training and certification program through the Qudorat system. Some of the course objectives are gaining clarity and understanding of the elements of the AD EHSMS RF regulatory mechanisms. The employees that serve as regular, temporary, contract and otherwise in the area must train in occupational health and safety if the job requires it. Keeping up to date is a mandatory function of being a responsible employee. Safety what makes everyone happy and good.

The Benefits of Occupational Health Services


HeathrowMedical – It has been announced by the government of UK regarding the application of a new independent evaluation and advisory service to help the sick employees getting back to work. In result this would be a government run occupational health service.

It has been noticed for quite some time that when employees get sick for more than four weeks, it can be that they are off work for long time, occupational health services can assist with the situation helping out with much needed advice and a protection to employers should ultimately they be faced with a possible employment tribunal if the employee is discharged.

The first step that needs to be taken is by scheduling a meeting with employee at their home, or the company or at a neutral place. They should have a family member with them while the meeting is being conducted, so that they can feel secured and not discouraged. The employer should be cooperative with companies needs to find out more details about their health with the help of occupational health services. If the employer is not interested to sign any then he would fall under the Access to Medical Records Act 1988 that will authorize the occupational health advisor to contact their GP then they will be made fully aware of the situation about the fact that, if they are absent for more than four weeks then the company will have the authorisation to terminate them.

Occupational Health Services can be used to regulate whether the employee is protected by the Equality Act 2010 in terms of disability and whether any reasonable adjustments need to be made. They can help with the assessment on the forecast of the likelihood of return to work perhaps recommending a phased return.They will produce a written report that is shared with the employee, which will provide the basis of a next meeting with the employee with a view to getting them back to work.Their service can also be invaluable with cases of intermittent absences example Monday/Friday syndrome. They can help decide whether an employee is “swinging the lead” or may have a genuine underlying problem.

With the help of Occupational Health Services what companies can do?

fit aging workforceHEATHROWMEDICAL – There has been two major health issues for employees in the working atmosphere. Firstly it is the sickness absence and secondly it is the health problems caused by working.Occupational health services helps the employees to stay fit in their physical and mental health while they are spending time in their workplace. It is one of the best practices for all companies to give continual health screening just to make sure that employees are not experiencing any unwanted physical strain that might cause illness. Sickness and stress are the two most important reasons that staffs have longer periods of time absent from work.

Screening of regular health services is a nice way to showcase health and fitness in the company. Companies can also introduce stress management counselling which will help them in getting more fit employees rather than making it less due to sick leave. There is proverb which say prevention is better than cure and this perfectly suits with occupational health services, and as companies are bound to look after the employees’ health issues, this is the perfect way to ensure that the employees are happy and healthy. It has noticed that, if a company is taking good care of the employees and making sure that they happy and healthy automatically it reflects on the production of the company, which is obvious what each and every company wants.

Occupational health services should be used with a common sense, such as in big companies it is very much possible that accidents would occur. And to make sure that the employees and staffs are safe, this services is mandatory in these companies. The working atmosphere is quite dangerous and employees have to work there in risk. By having this service, they can feel more secure.

Occupational health services is very much important for companies and they should impose this service in their firm. As because if the employees aren’t secure and healthy, there will lack of production and instead of earning profits, you will go in losses.

Heathrow Medical: Your Travel Health Clinic Expert

The proud medical team

Heathrowmedical – Nowadays travelling to the famous countries has increased a lot because the world economy has improved so much. Travelling to countries like Africa, Asia and Australia at such a lower rate is an added benefit to people.Planning is the most vital move before going on holidays but before that you need to visit the travel health clinic. The Heathrow Medical are the best in their field to give you all the information you need about vaccinations and medical advice for different kinds of health issues before you going for your holiday.

It has been a tradition to preserve a healthy body and mind just before going on a holiday. You should always visit a reputed vaccination clinic like the Heathrow Medical just to make sure that your body is protected by diseases of those holiday destinations. Most of the holiday destinations have some under- constructed cities which lack in hygiene and sanitation. That is why you need to visit the Heathrow Medical to get yourself vaccinated against these diseases.

The main objective of people visiting the Heathrow Medical is to get the proper vaccinations against some dangerous diseases that happens to be found in foreign countries. As most of the people know that travelling to Africa and South America can get you yellow fever so it’s better you take the vaccination against it.

The most vital information that the experts of Heathrow Medical will provide you is with fives I’s, ingestion means the food which you are having are, insects- the one which are carrying diseases, immersions are the water-borne diseases and lastly the indiscretions which is the sexually transmitted diseases.

Importance of visiting a travel health clinic

LeadershipHeathrow Medical – In today’s world, people are travelling to different countries around the globe and it has become that they are increasing expenses and lowering their travel costs. There has been a major increase of air travellers worldwideper year. In the year of 2005 it was 4.1 billion, the figure has increased to 5.2 billion in the year of 2010 and people even forecasted that it will touch almost 9.1 billion in the year 2025. As today there are many feasible airlines and arrangements, so people tend to go wherever they want. Many people tend to plan holidays in the far countries like the Asia, Africa and many more. The important part is to plan early. But the main thing people forget is about their health.

Peace of mind- it doesn’t matter at all if you are travelling for the purpose of business or pleasure. The main part is good health. That is why you need to visit the travel health clinic to have the peace of mind of not getting infected by the different types of sickness that every foreign country has.

Vaccinations- it is very important to people who get vaccinated before they go for travelling. It is seen that in African and South American, travellers are advised to get the yellow fever vaccination before they are permitted for the entrance in this country.

Professional Advice- travelling a new country and exploring its culture is not an excuse of not getting prepared. As you visit to the dental clinic for dental problems, the same way you have to visit the travel health clinic also.