HEATHROW MEDICAL – Dr Samir Alvi is authorised at the Heathrow Medical Services to perform all classes of medicals as an aviation medical examiner (AME) to both the CAA and FAA- Non UK EASA license holders may undertake their examinations in the UK if they wish. In each of the cases the paperwork is sent […]

Travel health clinic at HMS

HEATHROE MEDICAL – Heathrow Medical Services has been an established business since 2007 and pride ourselves in the specialty of occupational health medicine which includes the vaccinations of pilots, cabin crew and various contractors employed at London Heathrow. These are personnel of whom we have determined post risk assessment that require particular vaccinations related to […]

Heathrowmedical- Helping travellers along Heathrow airport medical centre

HEATHROW MEDICAL – If we have to look at medical facilities then we can find it to be important in every section of life, even while we are travelling from one place to another. The good thing about getting in touch with Heathrow Medical Services is that the professionals are providing both occupational as well […]

Why It Pays to Invest In Occupational Health Services in Small Business

HeathRowMedical – Occupational Health Services are now gaining business skills such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), which can be used to sell OH services or gain funding for changes or expansion. The main goal of most companies is to increase profits, then it would be logical to say the best way to encourage companies to utilize […]

Improve Your Business Performance by Using Occupational Health Service during the Credit Crunch

HEATHROW MEDICAL – If you are a small business or a larger conglomerate; private or public sector, Occupational Health Services can help. A little investment can go a long way. Occupational Health Services usually includes the following: Pre-Employment Screening to ensure that potential employees are suitable for the role. Regular Health Screening to make sure […]

Aviation Occupational Health Services

HeathrowMedical – In this modern world, everything so advance and groomed. It has been seen that in the past few decades, many new safety rules and regulations have been introduced and implemented. One of them is called aviation occupational health services. Now most of the people doesn’t known what it is actually. As we all […]

The Benefits of Occupational Health Services

HeathrowMedical – It has been announced by the government of UK regarding the application of a new independent evaluation and advisory service to help the sick employees getting back to work. In result this would be a government run occupational health service. It has been noticed for quite some time that when employees get sick […]

With the help of Occupational Health Services what companies can do?

HEATHROWMEDICAL – There has been two major health issues for employees in the working atmosphere. Firstly it is the sickness absence and secondly it is the health problems caused by working.Occupational health services helps the employees to stay fit in their physical and mental health while they are spending time in their workplace. It is […]

Heathrow Medical: Your Travel Health Clinic Expert

Heathrowmedical – Nowadays travelling to the famous countries has increased a lot because the world economy has improved so much. Travelling to countries like Africa, Asia and Australia at such a lower rate is an added benefit to people.Planning is the most vital move before going on holidays but before that you need to visit […]

Importance of visiting a travel health clinic

Heathrow Medical – In today’s world, people are travelling to different countries around the globe and it has become that they are increasing expenses and lowering their travel costs. There has been a major increase of air travellers worldwideper year. In the year of 2005 it was 4.1 billion, the figure has increased to 5.2 […]