Brent Geese breeding further south in the low Arctic take the

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canada goose sale Being in Colorado for most of my life I find it hard to follow cheap canada goose any team that is not my home team. It’s even harder to follow a team with Carmelo Anthony. But Jeremy Lin is such an easy guy to cheer for. Recent studies using satellite tagging have given scientists the chance to find out more about their summer behaviour and provided clues about their astonishing feat of migration.Brent Geese breeding further south in the low Arctic take the shortest, simplest route to wintering grounds down the east coast of America. The ‘Eastern High Arctic’ geese, in common with just a handful of species such as the knot, chooses a hazardous crossing of the North Atlantic to Europe. It had been assumed that this journey required the geese to follow the coast of Greenland but recent tagging has proven that they actually fly over the 2700 metre high Greenland ice cap canada goose sale.