“Goose is going to be served rare

I couldn’t really say it has a particular flavour.”Kozak is one of the chefs involved in the event, which is a fundraiser for Slow Food Edmonton, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting local food traditions.’It’s quite like moose or a very lean beef.’ canada goose outlet Chef Brayden Kozak, on what bear tastes likeHe said there’s nothing more local than bear and goose, which frequented the Edmonton area before the pigs, cows and chickens.Three of the evening’s dishes include bear: one is a bear hotdog, or “bearwurst,” as the chefs call it. The second dish is braised bear with a porridge of different grains and seeds, and the third is an open faced, reuben style bear pastrami sandwich.One of the other dishes is a smoked Canada goose with grilled pear and vegetables.”Goose is going to be served rare. You really can’t serve that past cooking it rare,” Kozak said.Hunting down a tasty ideaThe idea for the event came from local food guru Kevin Kossowan.Kossowan has been making hunting films on his website for several years, and one of his films inspired the concept of Kozak’s restaurant.The purpose of one of Kossowan’s hunting shows, called From the Wild, was to showcase the experience of the hunt not just the kill, Kozak said.

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