Mccullough says her friend’s English sheepdog is one of the 12

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Prada Outlet Health officials have confirmed more than a dozen cases of “dog flu” in Florida, where they say the H3N2 canine influenza was spreading among animals at two dogs shows.The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine officials said Wednesday that the dogs testing positive for the flu were either at a Perry, Georgia, dog show from May 19 21 or the Deland, Florida, dog show the following weekend or were exposed to dogs that had been at those shows.Marianne Mccullough is a dog lover with a healthy furry family, but she personally witnessed the effects of canine influenza at the Perry dog show.”Supposedly some people heard a dog or two coughing in the grooming area,” she said.Mccullough says her friend’s English sheepdog is one of the 12 dogs that tested positive.”Several of the dogs did come down sick that were at the Perry show but many didn’t,” Mccullough said. “I mean they Prada Outlet Online Cheap Prada handbags were probably 1,200 dogs there and a couple of dogs got sick.”Rossana Passaniti of the University of Florida said there have been no dog deaths reported at UF veterinary hospitals and all dogs being treated are in stable condition. The mortality rate for dog flu is low and most dogs recover at home without any complications.Dog Flu Spreading Quickly in North TexasLocal veterinarians are warning against a fast spreading disease affecting dogs.(Published Thursday, Feb. Prada Outlet

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