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canada goose So when the male approaches the female he will put on an elaborate display to ensure he is not going to be eaten, and the female will do the same if she is interested.”Although the female will often eat the male afterwards anyway.”Perfect weather for breeding this year means we can also expect an invasion of daddy long legs, or crane flies.And two types of house loving spider the Daddy Long Legs Spider, named because it looks like the crane fly, and the Noble False Widow spider are growing in number as they spread north.Lawrence Bell, of the British Arachnological Society, says: “They are spreading because of climate change.”Conditions are warmer, the winters are milder. They are moving to the Midlands and the north of the country, and are canada goose sale taking over new areas.”It’s all a bit of a nightmare for arachnophobes, but spiders are not all bad news, as this guide reveals.Are any British spiders dangerous to humans? There are 670 types of spider in Britain, but most live in hedgerows, fields, woods, and even underwater. There are only about 100 that prefer to live indoors.Just four have a bite that can puncture human skin, and while any wound can gain a secondary infection, only one the Noble False Widow is venomous.Not great news given these are spreading across the country.The Noble Widow has been in the south of England for around 100 years, after being imported with bananas from canada goose outlet cheap canada goose the Canaries, but are now spreading north.But experts say the bite of this spider, which usually lives outdoors and ventures indoors in the winter for warmth, would not affect most people badly.Paul says: “It poses a very minimal risk canada goose.