“We demanded that a forensic audit of each builders’ accounts

Pat Desper, 11. John Pisarski, 12. Stan Rymier1. It was because the school had day care. No, it was because of an “absolute moral collapse.” Just when the dudgeon rose high over the outrage levee, along came the beleaguered mayor of her struggling city to tell a packed news conference that there was no evidence of a “blood oath” and that the high school principal had gotten a bit “foggy in his memory.” Next, some of the pregnant girls spoke up and the pact fell apart at the seams. Maybe some got pregnant intentionally, maybe some bonded before or after the pregnancy test, but there was no mass plunge into motherhood.

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Celine Replica Bags We are not leaving Noida without coming up with solutions for home buyers,” said Mahana.”I have paid 95 per cent of the flat cost to the builder and there is no guarantee that if I pay the remaining 5 per cent to the builder my project will be completed. I, therefore, pressed the committee that a third party agency, preferably NBCC or HUDCO should be brought in to complete the unfinished project.”We demanded that a forensic audit of each builders’ accounts should be done to assess the amounts that have been siphoned off and due to which projects have been delayed,” said Rajiv Nijhawan, another buyer.The objective of the audit is to ascertain whether the builder diverted the funds collected from buyers to other housing projects/businesses.Buyers also demanded answers to why they should continue paying EMIs when they are not sure about getting a completed house.Earlier in the day, the committee held a meeting with builders and home buyers in Ghaziabad. About 29 builders were asked to attend the meeting out of which six gave it a miss forcing the committee to issue directions to report at the earliest failing which actions including lodging of FIRs will be initiated against them.The Uttar Pradesh government is trying to arrive at a solution for thousands of homebuyers, who have failed to get their homes even after eight years Celine Replica Bags.