We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke and personalised services

Heathrow Medical Services was established in order to provide a ‘gold standard’ occupational health and medical service to individuals and companies located in and around Heathrow Airport.

Taking pride in offering a comprehensive range of bespoke and personalised services in a competitive, reliable and convenient way, we have evolved to become one of the key providers of occupational health care in our area.

Our years of experience have given us a deep understanding of the medical and health issues which are unique to each sector, as well as the different environments and commercial parameters within which they operate.

Comprising a core team of highly experienced individuals, we are able to customise our services to provide a bespoke solution for your company, irrespective of its size, nature of business and individual needs.

Regarding Covid-19 examinations, please e-mail us on covidtests@heathrowmedical.com
For more information and to book all other appointments at a time convenient for you, please e-mail us on medicals@heathrowmedical.com, alternatively please Send Us A Message or call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633