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We are a provider of professional Occupational Health Services and Specialist Medicals.

Aviation Health Services

Based at Heathrow Airport, our fully qualified and authorised doctors can provide statutory medicals to meet EASA and CAA standards for pilots and ATCOs

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Occupational Health Services and HSE Approved Medicals

Irrespective of your size, every organisation can increase employee productivity and reduce staff illness via a proactive approach to occupational health.

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Oil & Gas and Maritime (ENG-1) Medicals

Oil & Gas UK and Maritime Medicals based near Heathrow Airport

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Travel and Covid-19 Clinic

We offer UK Government compliant Covid -19 testing and departure testing as well as a complete one stop Travel health service whether you are traveling for Business, Leisure or if a vaccination is required in relation to Occupational health

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We are a provider of professional Occupational Health Services and Specialist Medicals.

We aim to offer a bespoke and highly personalised service to all of our clients irrespective of whether they are an individual or a large multinational corporation. Based adjacent to Heathrow Airport, our team have built a reputation of excellence in providing a comprehensive range of occupational health services and specialist medicals – for aircrew, airport and oil and gas and maritime employees.


Oil and Gas UK

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Regarding Covid-19 examinations, please e-mail us on [email protected]
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