Aviation Occupational Health Services

Our authorised doctors provide statutory medicals to meet CAA, EASA and FAA standards for pilots and ATCO’s

Personalised Occupational Health Services

Irrespective of your size, every organisation can increase employee productivity and reduce staff illness via a proactive approach to occupational health.

Annual Medicals

Occupational health surveillance is a continuous process of planned health assessment activities designed to detect the early signs of work-related ill health in your employees.

Post-Recruitment Medicals

Given the responsibility of you as an employer and your duty of care towards your staff, it is important that you ensure that following recruitment, employees are medically able and safe to perform their duties.

We help you improve and maintain the health and well being of your workforce.

We offer a full physical examination service. Routine ECG, audiometric, lung function and vision tests can also be undertaken. We are also able to medically review pre-employment questionnaires to help pre-screen prospective employees for a more detailed examination.

Based near to Heathrow Airport (Terminal 5)

We have built a strong reputation in providing a comprehensive range of occupational health services and specialist medicals

Air Crew Medicals

Initial & Renewal UK CAA Class 1 Medicals
Initial EASA Class 1 Medicals

What we offer

Heathrow Medical has accreditation from SEQOHS (Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service), the CQC and ISO 9001.
We are fully compliant with with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we protect the confidentiality of client health information.
Heathrow Medical Services is an EASA (CAA) approved Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) and can perform and issue EU (EASA/CAA) Class 1 and 3 initial medicals and renewal /revalidation medical examinations (Class 1,2,3).
We are also accredited to perform medicals for a number of other international aviation authorities including the FAA (USA), CASA (Australia), CAME (Canada), Mauritius and KSA.