Bespoke Aviation Occupational Health Services

that maintains the high standards of safety and operational efficiency in the aviation industry.

Aviation Occupational Health Services is a specialized branch of occupational health that focuses on the health and well-being of individuals working in the aviation industry.

This sector includes a diverse range of professionals, such as pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, ground handling staff, maintenance personnel, and others involved in various aspects of aviation.

Air Crew Medicals

Aircrew medicals, also known as aviation medical examinations or flight crew medical assessments, are comprehensive health evaluations specifically designed for individuals who work in the aviation industry.

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Cabin Crew Medicals

Cabin crew medicals, also known as flight attendant medical assessments, are health examinations designed for individuals working as cabin crew members in the aviation industry.

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Airside Driving Medicals

Airside driving medicals are specific medical assessments conducted for individuals who require authorization to operate vehicles on the airside of airports. The airside of an airport is the area that is restricted to authorized personnel involved in aircraft operations, maintenance, and related activities.

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The goal of Aviation Occupational Health Services is to ensure that individuals working in the aviation industry are physically and mentally fit to perform their duties safely and effectively. This involves addressing specific health risks and challenges associated with the aviation environment.

At Heathrow Medical, our fully qualified and authorized doctors can provide statutory medicals to meet all major aviation standards including EASA and CAA as well as the standards of the major international civil aviation authorities including Australia (CASA), Canada GACA and Mauritius.

Based on a close working rapport with HR managers, we offer a personalised relationship with ‘open’ telephone access and advice from our healthcare professionals, something many corporate providers are unable to replicate. We also provide pre-employment and periodic medicals for cabin crews, pilots and ATCOs specific to each airline’s requirements.

Adjacent to Heathrow Airport we offer a flexible choice of services and are happy to work in a way that is most convenient for you, we have our own car-parking facilities and a link to the Terminal 5 shuttle bus, making it quick and easy to visit us.