Statutory medicals to meet all major aviation standards including EASA and CAA

Based at Heathrow Airport, our fully qualified and authorised doctors can provide statutory medicals to meet EASA and CAA standards for pilots and ATCOs, as well as the standards of the major international civil aviation authorities including Australia (CASA), Canada GACA and Maurtius. We also provide pre-employment and periodic medicals for cabin crews specific to each airline’s requirements.

Having evolved to becoming a leading provider of aviation occupational health services in our area, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bespoke and personalised services for airport personnel in a competitive, reliable and convenient way.

Bespoke Aviation Occupational Health Services that will reduce your costs

Based on a close working rapport with HR managers, we offer a personalised relationship with ‘open’ telephone access and advice from our healthcare professionals, something many corporate providers are unable to replicate.

Aviation Occupational Health Services at your convenience

We offer a flexible choice of services and are happy to work in a way that is most convenient for you. Adjacent to Heathrow Airport, we have our own car-parking facilities and a link to the Terminal 5 shuttle bus, making it quick and easy to visit us.

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