Covid Testing Terms and Conditions

I am aware that the results are normally available within the hours as stated but understand that due to unforeseen circumstances this may be extended.

I understand that Heathrow Medical Services LLP is not liable for: advising when the test should be undertaken, delayed results, the results arriving at any specific predetermined time, the laboratory generated results format (and subsequent denial of acceptance by any airline or immigration authority), for any lost or damaged specimens during transit, transcribing typographical errors, positive or inconclusive results, any third party errors or omissions and for incorrect or illegible e-mail details. I understand that further specialist testing may also be performed and that I have freely attended Heathrow Medical Services premises and agreed to physical testing which is conducted in accordance with PHE guidance.

I authorise Heathrow Medical Services LLP to release a summarised report containing relevant clinical information to Public Health England, the UK Government, Police authorities and to my designated Human Resources/Personnel Department or their appointed representative(s). I am aware that the report cannot withhold or conceal any relevant information. I agree to enter my details onto relevant laboratory on-line portals if required and am aware that failure to do so may result in the sample not being fully processed. Should I also receive the results directly from the testing laboratory I will immediately forward a copy to Heathrow Medical Services for their reference.

I authorise Heathrow Medical Services LLP to release medical information from this assessment to my General Practitioner and/or other medical specialists regarding the outcome of my case if necessary. I authorise Heathrow Medical Services LLP to process and maintain my medical records and data in compliance with GDPR and Data Protection Act (2018).