CAA Class 1 and Class 2 Pilot Licence Medicals

As one of the leading providers of aviation medicals in the UK, our authorised doctors (Aeromedical Examiners) offer an efficient and reliable service for both professional and amateur pilots.

We take pride in offering a specialist range of services in a competitive, reliable and convenient way that is designed to work for you.

  • Medicals to meet CAA standards
  • Medicals to meet the standards of other major international civil aviation authorities, including Australia (CASA), GACA, Canada and Mauritius
  • Class 1 and Class 2 applications and renewals
  • European Class 3 Medical Examination licences for Air Traffic Controllers
  • Personal service with a quick turnaround
  • Excellent availability of appointments for your convenience
  • Adjacent to Heathrow Airport, with our own car-parking facilities and a link to Terminal 5 shuttle bus

Heathrow Medical Services is a CAA approved Aero-Medical Centre (AeMC) and can perform and issue CAA Class 1 initial and renewal/revalidation medical examinations.

We are conveniently situated near to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and have on-site parking and excellent transport links. Our team comprises of a number of Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) as well as a CAA approved optometrist. We provide services for individual pilots, airlines and a number of aviation companies.

Heathrow Medical Services are also accredited to perform medicals for a number of other international aviation authorities including Australia, Canada and KSA.


The charge for an Initial Class 1 medical is £460 + VAT. (excluding referrals, casework etc if reqd.) Fees are payable at the time of booking credit/debit card, or cash. Initial candidates will be also required to see our optometrist, undergo an ECG examination, blood tests comprising a haemoglobin and cholesterol estimation, an audiogram, spirometry, urinalysis and a full comprehensive clinical examination.

What to bring with you


Please see the attached flow sheet

When you attend please also provide your current eye prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses, and bring your corrective lens’ with you. You must also inform us if you have undergone any form of laser eye surgery

You may require other medical tests or to see our specialist consultant advisors if you have any underlying medical problems or if anything is found at the time of the examination that requires further investigation. This may incur an extra cost. It is important that you divulge and disclose your complete past medical history as well as any medical issues you may have at present. Please bring any historical medical reports with you to the medical examination.


Please complete the attached form (unsigned) and bring it with you for your medical

Application form (Form MED 160) download: Form MED 160

Comprehensive Eye Examination form downloads

For pilots: Form MED 162

For ATCOs: Form Euro3 MED 162

Please see CAA Guidance following eye surgery.

CAA: CAA Medical Standards and Guidance

Certificate issue
A medical certificate can be issued if all the required standards are met.

However, if the required standards are not met or further investigations are necessary the issue of the certificate will take longer and may subsequently be declined.

Validity period
A Class 1 medical certificate is valid for 12 months, unless you are 40 or over and carry out single pilot commercial air transport operations carrying passengers; or you are over 60. In both these cases, the validity is reduced to 6 months.

Cancellation policy
A cancellation fee is chargeable in full unless we receive 10 days notice of a cancellation.

Regarding Covid-19 examinations, please e-mail us on [email protected]
For more information and to book all other appointments at a time convenient for you, please e-mail us on [email protected], alternatively please Send Us A Message or call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633