Full compliance with AOA standards for airside driving medicals

We provide medicals for airside drivers that ensure full compliance with Airport Operators Association (AOA) standards, which approximate to DVLA Group 2 standards.

We ensure your personnel meet the relevant AOA medical, hearing and vision standards, including colour perception testing. For more information on these AOA standards, please visit www.aoa.org.uk

All drivers who operate airside at Heathrow Airport require an Airside Drivers Permit. For more information about courses, please visit www.airdat.org

Regarding Covid-19 examinations, please e-mail us on covidtests@heathrowmedical.com
For more information and to book all other appointments at a time convenient for you, please e-mail us on medicals@heathrowmedical.com, alternatively please Send Us A Message or call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633