Heathrow Medical Services is a CAA approved Aero-Medical Centre (AeMC). We can perform and issue CAA Class 1 initial and renewal/revalidation medical examinations. We are also now approved with Transport Malta to perform renewal EASA class 1-3 medicals.

Please note that you MUST register for the CAAs online portal, complete the application online and pay the CAA fee before we can undertake a UK CAA medical.

Full instructions are available here: About eLicensing | UK Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk).

If you arrive at the medical without undertaking this step, we will not be able to perform the medical examination

We are conveniently situated near to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and have on-site parking and excellent transport links. Our medical team comprises of a number of Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) as well as a CAA approved optometrist. We provide services for individual pilots, airlines and a number of aviation companies.

Heathrow Medical Services are also accredited to perform medicals for a number of other international aviation authorities including Australia, Canada, Mauritius and KSA.


Class 1 Renewals: £197 + VAT

+ ECG if required: £295 + VAT

+ Audiogram if required: £256 + VAT

+ ECG + Audiogram if required: £330 + VAT

Class 2:

Initial Class 2 £244.00 + VAT £274.83 + VAT
Class 2 Renewal £155 + VAT £174.41 + VAT
Class 2 Renewal + ECG if required £192 + VAT £211.41 + VAT

Miscellaneous costs:

E-mail advice for existing clients: Gratis
Casework including Unfit/Fit certification: With AME / OH Doctor: Starting at £75 exc.VAT / half hour.

Regarding Covid-19 examinations, please e-mail us on covidtests@heathrowmedical.com
For more information and to book all other appointments at a time convenient for you, please e-mail us on medicals@heathrowmedical.com, alternatively please Send Us A Message or call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633