Personalised Occupational Health Services

Irrespective of your size, every organisation can increase employee productivity and reduce staff illness via a proactive approach to occupational health.

Our services are designed to help HR managers comply with all relevant employment legislation and HSE regulations. We can assist you in screening employees throughout their working lives from ‘recruitment to retirement’, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bespoke and personalised services in a competitive, reliable and convenient way.

We are able to conduct HSE approved medicals for Compressed Air, Lead, Asbestos and Ionising Radiation

Bespoke Occupational Health Services that will reduce your costs as per SOM guidance ( below:

The evidence demonstrates that there is a rounded business case for investment in occupational health services. Well integrated and supported workplace health initiatives have been shown to be associated with better employee health status and productivity in the workplace. Research supports the proposition that investments in occupational health add value through reduced costs associated with the prevention of ill health, improved productivity and a range of intangible benefits.

Personalised Occupational Health Services that you can rely on

Based on a close working rapport with HR managers, we offer a personalised relationship with ‘open’ telephone access and advice from our healthcare professionals, something many corporate providers are unable to replicate.

Occupational Health Services at your convenience

We offer a flexible choice of services and are happy to work in a way that is most convenient for you. Adjacent to Heathrow Airport, we have our own car-parking facilities and a link to the Terminal 5 shuttle bus, making it quick and easy to visit us.


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