HGV Medicals: What you need to know

If you want to be an HGV driver in the UK you will need to be in reasonably good health. Before you can start your HGV driving career, you will need to undergo a HGV medical to determine whether you are fit enough to drive a heavy goods vehicle on public roads. This will need to be carried out by a doctor, with the results completed on the appropriate D4 form and sent to DVLA, who will decide whether or not you are medically fit to be an HGV driver. You will not be issued with a HGV licence until you have passed the medical exam and been declared fit to drive by the DVLA. 

What happens at a HGV driver medical? 

If you’re in relatively good health, then you needn’t worry about your upcoming HGV driver medical as it is all pretty routine. The examination will take around 30-45 minutes and will consist of three parts: 

  1. Medical history and questions – this is a discussion with the doctor about your current state of health including any conditions and medications, medical history and general health questions. 
  2. Eye examination – this visual assessment will look at your eyes, conduct tests and ask questions about your eye health. It will also be an opportunity for you to mention any glasses or contact lenses that you currently wear. 
  3. Medical assessment – the third part of the medical is the physical exam in which the doctor will conduct a series of tests and checks to make sure you are in a good state of general health. This might include assessing your heart, checking whether you have diabetes, checking for neurological disorders, finding out whether you have any problems sleeping or have had any substance misuse in the past and asking about any medication you currently take. 

Who can carry out the HGV medical? 

Technically, any doctor registered in the UK can carry out your HGV medical, however we urge you to use a specialist medical service such as Heathrow Medical, as our doctors are experienced at carrying out job-specific medicals such as this and understand the forms that need to be completed in order to pass your medical details to the DVLA for assessment. Many GPs or private physicians will only do the medical exam and not the optical assessment, meaning you’ll need to book two appointments and pay two lots of fees. 

When to book your HGV medical 

It is possible to book your medical before you take your HGV driving test, so long as you pass your driving test within 4 months of receiving your D4 medical certificate.  

HGV medical renewal 

From the age of 45 you will need to undergo a D4 medical every 5 years, until you are 65 years of age, at which point this will be required annually. 

Book your HGV medical in London 

If you live in or around London and need to get a HGV medical so that you can begin your career as a heavy goods vehicle driver, get in touch with Heathrow Medical on 020 8528 2633 to book your HGV medical. We are based next to Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and also offer all LGV and PSV application and renewal medicals. 

HGV Medicals
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