How to get an ENG1 medical

If you are training to become a seafarer of any kind – that is someone who will be working on board a ship in any capacity – then it is important that you are fit and healthy to do the job. If your normal place of work is, or is shortly to be, a ship, then you will be required to undergo an examination such as an ENG1 Medical to ensure that you don’t have any health issues or concerns that could put fellow crew or passengers at risk. 

Who needs an ENG1 medical? 

You will be required to have an ENG1 medical examination if you serve on a merchant ship, are a seafarer or work on a fishing vessel over 24 metres in length (or for over 72 hours or operate more than 200 miles from the UK coastline). You will also require an ENG1 certificate if you work on any size of fishing vessel that is subject to inspection at a foreign port.  

Who can provide an ENG1 medical? 

An ENG 1 certificate must be issued by a doctor who is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). At Heathrow Medical Services we are approved to offer these medicals together with a wide range of other maritime and industry specific medicals. 

What happens at the examination? 

ENG1 medical fitness examinations check seafarers for a number of conditions including: 

  • Heart conditions – coronary thrombosis, heart rhythm irregularities, heart disease or previous heart surgery 
  • Lung disease 
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke 
  • Epilepsy  
  • Head or brain injury 
  • Alcohol or drug addiction problems 
  • Deafness or difficulty communicating 
  • Eyesight problems 
  • Transplants 
  • Mental or nervous disorders 

In addition to checking for any signs of these above stated concerns, a seafarer medical will check that you are not affected by any conditions that put you at an increased risk of becoming ill or having limited mobility. It will also determine what, if any, medication you are currently taking and any potential side effects that may reduce your alertness or performance. 

During your medical examination you can expect to be asked about your medical history and provide any necessary evidence. You’ll be weighed, measured and asked to provide a urine sample as well as undergoing a physical examination.  

What you need to bring with you 

We’ll remind you of this when you book, but in order to get prepared here is a quick list of things you’ll need to bring with you when you attend your ENG1 medical appointment: 

  • Contact lenses or glasses if you wear them 
  • Any medication that you currently take 
  • Details of your GP 
  • Any recent hospital/consultant letters 
  • Your passport for ID purposes 
  • A recent ENG1 certificate if applicable 

At the end of your examination, if you have passed, we will issue you with your certificate. If there are any issues or there’s likely to be a delay in the doctor’s final decision, then you’ll be issued with a temporary unfit certificate. 

Book now for an ENG1 medical in London 

At Heathrow Medical we provide ENG1 medical examinations for the government fixed fee of £115. If you would like to book or want to find out about the other maritime medicals we offer for international authorities please contact us on [email protected] or call 020 8528 2633. 

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