What is an airside driving medical and who needs one?

All employees driving any vehicle within the airside driving environment will require an airside driving medical. These medicals exist to ensure that a number of basic medical requirements set by occupational health as well as the Department for Transport, are met. If you employ drivers who operate within the airside environment, or you are soon to embark on a job within this industry, please read on to find out more about the airside drivaing medical. 

What is airside driving? 

Airside driving describes the various roles at an airport or landing strip that involve driving motorised vehicles within the airside environment. This includes the runways, taxiways and other navigational routes between the boarding gates and the airspace. The airside environment can be a hazardous one, not least because there is a lot going on, with aircraft and other vehicles coming and going, so it is important that anyone who is responsible for a motor vehicle within this environment meets the required medical standards. 

Who needs an airside driving medical? 

There are a multitude of roles within the airside driving environment, all dependent on the size of the airport you work at. To give you an idea of some of the roles within the airside environment which may require an airside driving medical please see the list below: 

  • Aircraft cleaner driver 
  • Aircraft de-icer 
  • PCV Bus driver 
  • Ambulift driver 
  • Ramp driver 
  • HGV driver 

What does an airside medical involve? 

The actual process of the airside drivers medical will differ slightly depending on whether it is your first medical and whether you have any current health conditions. You can think of this medical as a general health check that will test your vision, hearing, colour perception and overall health, as well as being an opportunity to discuss your medical history, any medications you take and how to keep fit and healthy so you can continue to meet the requirements of the medical. 

To find out more about what to expect from an airside drivers medical please read our blog post. 

Heathrow airside driving medical 

At Heathrow Medical, our airside drivers medicals ensure full compliance with AOA (Airport Operators Association) standards. We ensure that your personnel meet the required medical standards and can offer appointments at time to suit your business and employees. To find out more or to book your appointment for a Heathrow airside driving medical please call us on (+44)(0)20 8528 2633 or click here to send us a message 

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