5 steps to get you ready for your initial CAA Class 1 medical

Budding UK commercial and airline transport pilots will need to arrange for an initial CAA Class 1 medical to ensure their pilot’s licence is valid and that training can be completed. If this is you, please read on for 5 simple steps to get you ready for your initial pilot medical.

1.Register with the CAA online portal

Before you can undergo your medical you’ll need to make sure you have registered online with the CAA customer portal. This has to be completed before your medical appointment. Follow the link above to find out more information.

2.Book an appointment at an Aeromedical Centre

Aeromedical Centres (AeMC) are the only places that are authorised to carry out Initial UK CAA Class 1 medicals for pilots. Heathrow Medical is an approved AeMC, able to carry out your initial pilot medical as well as any renewal medicals you may need further down the line.  Please remember that when booking an appointment for your initial pilot medical, you will need to have carried out step 1 and registered with the CAA online portal at least 10 working days prior to your appointment date. You’ll also need to allow at least half a day for your appointment. 

3.Read up on what the initial pilot medical involves

There is plenty of information on the CAA website, or on our own blog, to help you understand the medical questions you’ll be asked and the tests you will need to undergo in order to assess your health and fitness. An initial class 1 medical exam will involve an AeMC approved doctor assessing various elements of your health including eyesight, hearing, lung function and heart function.  Find out more about what the CAA class 1 medical involves here.

4.Know what to bring along with you to your CAA class 1 medical appointment

You don’t want to get to your medical appointment without the vital documents or information needed to complete the exam, so make sure you know what you need to bring with you. We’ve listed all the items you need in this blog, so make sure you take a look before you come along to your appointment. 

5.Stay fit and healthy ahead of your medical

During your initial pilot medical you will need to prove that you are mentally and physically fit to fly and cope with the demands of the job. We’ve prepared some top tips to help you prepare for your initial medical and keep fit in between pilot medicals. These tips include short term tips such as not drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before your medical as it can affect the results of your blood tests, and longer term tips on how to ensure you have a healthy diet when you’re up in the air and how to manage your off duty time to benefit your mental health. 

We hope you found these 5 steps useful and now have all the information needed to book and undergo your CAA class 1 medical exam. We look forward to seeing you at Heathrow Medical soon. For more information or to book your medical please click here or call us on 020 8528 2633.

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