What to bring with you to your initial UK CAA Class 1 Medical

If you are training to become a commercial pilot or airline transport pilot, then you will also need to undergo a medical in order for your pilot’s licence to be valid. If you want to apply for a UK CAA Class 1 Medical, there are few things you’ll need to know about in advance, so please do read this blog to make sure you come to your appointment prepared and ready. 

We have laid out below 3 simple steps to show what you need to do.

1.Book an appointment at an Aeromedical Centre 

Heathrow Medical is an approved Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) authorised to carry out CAA class 1 medical examinations and a wide range of other aviation and specialist industry medicals. The first thing you need to do is book your appointment at an AeMC and when doing so, allow plenty of time beforehand to complete step 2 below. You’ll also need to bear in mind that an initial medical can take around half a working day to complete.

2.Register for the CAA’s online portal

At least 10 working days before your appointment you’ll need to register for the CAA’s online portal as this is where you will complete your online application and pay the CAA fee. We can’t conduct your medical exam unless you have followed this step and completed your application. Please click here for more information.

3.Bring the right documents to your appointment

Once you’ve booked your appointment and completed your CAA online application, you’ll need to make sure you bring the right documents with you to your medical, or you could risk a delay in your certificate being issued. Here’s what you need to bring with you:

  • A valid passport.
  • Any glasses or contact lenses that you currently wear, plus a copy of your prescription.
  • Medical reports following any consultations or investigations of past conditions – bringing these with you may help expedite the medical assessment.

You will need to provide a urine sample when you attend so it is recommended that you drink plenty of water before your appointment, but avoid any caffeine. It’s also important that you don’t eat, drink or smoke any cigarettes immediately prior to your appointment as this could affect the results of any tests you have to undergo.

Now that you know what to expect and what you’ll need to bring with you, you can simply follow this link to book your Class 1 initial medical at Heathrow Medical. Please e-mail us on [email protected]  if you have any questions, otherwise we look forward to welcoming you for your appointment.

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