How to make the most of a travel vaccination clinic this summer

Restrictions on Covid-19 may have eased, both here in the UK and in popular holiday destinations, but it isn’t the only disease you need to be wary of when travelling this summer. If you’ve booked an overseas trip in the next few months, now is the time to think about the vaccinations and protection you will need in order to travel safely. If you haven’t used one before, it’s a good idea to find out how a travel vaccination clinic can help you, in case you can’t get the jabs or advice you need from your GP. 

Travel health needs vary from individual to individual, depending on your own health, age  and fitness, your circumstances (i.e. if you are pregnant) where you are travelling to, how long you’ll be away, what you’ll be doing (i.e. taking part in sports) and where you’ll be staying. For this reason, there is not a one size fits all approach to travel health, so it’s a good idea to firstly get in touch with your GP, if you have plenty of time before you travel, to find out what support they can offer. If you are due to travel in the next few weeks, or you already know that your local GP practice cannot offer all the jabs you need, then you will need to find a private travel vaccine clinic to help ensure you can stay healthy whilst overseas. 

When should you visit a travel vaccination clinic? 

Ideally, you should book in at your local travel vaccination clinic around six to eight weeks before you travel, as this gives vaccines time to take effect. However, if you need to travel sooner, don’t assume it’s too late as there is still plenty of advice and some vaccines that can still be administered to protect you from travel related diseases. 

Even if you are not going on ‘holiday’ as such, but are just visiting family overseas, it is important to be aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions. In fact, travelling abroad to see relatives or friends could put you at a higher risk of diseases such as Malaria and Typhoid as you may be mixing more with the local community or staying in more rural areas where it is difficult to minimise the risks. 

What vaccines can a travel clinic administer? 

The vaccines you will be advised to have will depend upon the areas you are travelling to, the latest government travel advice and your current state of health. Some of the immunisations you may be advised to have include: Malaria, Rabies, Polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Cholera, Diphtheria, Typhoid and Yellow Fever.  

Depending on where you are travelling, remember that you may also need to show proof that you are up to date with your Covid-19 vaccines. 

How else can a travel clinic help? 

It isn’t just immunisations that a travel clinic can provide for travellers but also: 

  • Medication to help prevent diseases that may be prevalent in the areas you are travelling to. 
  • Medication to help you to treat any ongoing illnesses, to ensure you have the right supply of the correct treatment before you go. 
  • Advice on how to keep yourself safe and healthy whilst travelling –  especially if you are pregnant or have a chronic illness. 
  • Guidance on what to eat and drink whilst you are away to help minimise the risk of disease and advice on how to stay safe, particularly if you are travelling alone. 

Travel vaccinations Heathrow Airport 

If you live near Heathrow Airport and need travel vaccinations or advice, why not pop in to Heathrow Medical, situated close to Terminal 5? Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, we offer a wide range of treatments such as antimalarial medication, travel vaccinations including yellow fever and rabies and helpful travel advice. Contact us now so you can travel safely this summer. 

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